Merry Christmas

Jason / December 24, 2018

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Hopefully you are enjoying today with those who are special to you. Stay tuned in the coming year for more posts from me, but for now I’m just enjoying the holidays with my family. read more


New Website

Jason / December 22, 2017

After a long delay from blogging I finally decided to set my website back up. I’m going to be working on importing my archive of content, and also trying to add new content as time permits.

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Moving dasBlog to IIS7

Jason / November 17, 2008

Some of you may have noticed that several pages on this blog have been generating 404 errors for the past week or so. This was due, in part, to my recent migration to a Windows Server 2008 (IIS7) machine. Most of the blogs service interruption could have been avoided had I properly "test drove" the website after the migration. But in my haste I simply transferred the files to the remote server, hit the home page, and called it a night. Little did I know that most of the blogs content was unreachable. read more