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Time, Ideas, and Saying No

man with hand up saying "no"
Saying “no”

I’ve always seemed to have more ideas than time. I really should start keeping a log of all my ideas – I’d be curious how large such a list would grow. These are things from awesome website ideas, to ideas for a business venture, to even things like politics and local community development. This is undoubtably why ideas are viewed as being a dime a dozen. Ideas are the easy part, execution is where the things get tricky.

In the case of many of these ideas, I could probably classify them as “neat”. Things that I think would be pretty interesting to bring into the world, but might not necessarily be profitable or otherwise even economical – like that one time I made a JavaScript based Bitcoin miner.

Inspired by Derek Sivers I’ve been keeping a now page. A page for me to log what I’m currently doing, and more importantly a page to remind myself of what I need to stay focused on. This also ties neatly into Sivers’ other idea of either saying HELL YEAH, or no – if my now page says that I’m too busy for yet another project, and I can’t put every fiber of my energy into it, then I should say no.

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