Data Sync & Access Rights – First Draft

Though distractions were prevalent these past several weeks, I still have managed to make progress on my book, and am proud to present the next chapter of Data Synchronization: Patterns, Tools, & Techniques. Titled Chapter 4: Access Rights this chapter represents the conclusion of part one of my four-part book on data synchronization algorithms.

This chapter dives into the algorithms involved in implementing digital access rights while synchronizing data. Presented are various common pitfalls that may arise, and how to solve them. Best of all, this chapter is freely available – being the last free chapter in the book, I suggest you go ahead and purchase a copy while it is still discounted 😉.

In the coming weeks I will clean up the previous 3 chapters, and thusly round out part one of the book more fully before moving on. After that, I move on to part two where we will discuss client-to-server synchronization techniques.

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