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After having been out of the blogging space for some time now, I figured I was overdue to start my blog back up again.

I’m using Jekyll and Github Pages to power this site. So far it’s been a pretty simple process, and I’m impressed with how flexible this system is. Working with complex systems on a daily basis, it was nice to know that I could get my blog back up and running without messing with web hosting (and monthly costs), a database and webserver to configure. Not that I couldn’t, and not that I haven’t in the past, but the simplicity of Jekyll is refreshing.

I anticipate adding more functionality as the site evolves. For example, just this morning I added Disqus for comments.

So far, so good!

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Jason is an experienced entrepreneur & software developer skilled in leadership, mobile development, data synchronization, and SaaS architecture. He earned his Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Science from Arkansas State University.
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