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I Make Seven

The path ahead

For many it is not the destination, but the journey, that makes an adventure. I can relate. Two years ago I joined Summit ESP, and began a journey that I will never forget.

There were many things that attracted me to Summit, but perhaps the one that influenced me the most were the people. I felt – and still do feel – that they had put together a top-notch team. Truly one of the single best teams I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

Life has a funny way of reminding you that nothing lasts forever, and it certainly did so here. Summit was acquired by Halliburton shortly before I joined, and when large corporate structure intersects a small agile team, both worlds recoil in culture shock. Team members have to decide if they can adapt to the new normal, and some choose to move on to new opportunities.

Each team member we lost was a reminder of how different things were. With each passing week “normal” was slowly redefined. Those who remained faced this daily reminder, and were demoralized.

Having full confidence in the remainder of our team, I choose to stay. Pushing back against bureaucratic idiocies where possible, and regular pivots in priorities became the new normal. As did losing people – in the past twelve months our team, approximately a dozen in size originally, lost six members.

Today, I make seven.

It is with a great mixture of emotions that I have chosen to wrap up my time at Summit. I still believe that this team is one of the best in this city, and I am immeasurably better for having had the opportunity to work with them.

Our paths diverge, for now. I am going on to an exciting new opportunity (which is a story for another day), and they are staying.

There are unknowns on the path ahead, but I have confidence that my team will rise to the challenge, deliver, and do so with the same professionalism and integrity that has made working with them such a blessing.

To the path ahead.

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