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aspNETserve Version 1.0

Just today version 1.0 of aspNETserve was released. This version fixes all known major bugs, and represents a feature complete version in regards to aspNETserve’s original goals. Specifically this means that it can host any ASP.NET 2.0 web application without the need for Internet Information Services (IIS).

Originally intended to be a learning tool for myself, aspNETserve has quickly turned into a viable alternative for the ASP.NET development web server. Additionally, the libraries that compose aspNETserve can be referenced from your own applications to include a full featured ASP.NET web server right into your next project.

To include an ASP.NET web server in your application, you will need to reference aspNETserve.Core, and aspNETserve. You can use the aspNETserve.Server object to control your own in-memory ASP.NET web server. For an example of doing just that, see the SimpleWebServer project that is available as part of the aspNETserve source download.

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