Games & Collectables

Jason’s interest in games and collectables can be traced back to his early childhood. He counts himselfs fortunate enough to still retain most of his childhood video game collection, with rare titles such as Gun-Nac for the NES, and all of his Magic the Gathering collection, complete with rares such as the original Dual Lands and the book promo of Mana Crypt.

Being a gamer first, and a collector second, Jason has always prioritized playing and enjoyment of his hobby over any financial gains. That is probably why he has collected some of the cult-classics that he has.

While work and family obligations limit the amount of time and money he can spend on gaming today, he still finds the opportunity to enjoy a good game during some down time. The Nintendo 3DS is his current favorite console. Being easily portable he can keep it with him and easily jump in and out of a game when the opportunity presents itself.

In addition to collecting and playing, Jason finds great enjoyment out of sharing parts of his collection with others. That is why on occasion he will list parts of his collection for sale on eBay: