IPv6 Test Website

I put together a quick, but fun, website for testing your local IPv6 compatibility – 🐟🌮.ws.

If you can visit 🐟🌮.ws, then your current network has functioning IPv6. If you get a “server not found” (or similar) error, then you cannot currently browse IPv6 only websites.

For some background; IPv6 is the next version of the protocol that runs the Internet. IPv4, its predecessor, ran out of new addresses long ago. This has been mitigated somewhat by many clever techniques, but at the end of the day, IPv4 only networks impose a rather low limit on the number of network-reachable devices on the Internet. So, thusly why IPv6 is a thing – it’s an updated protocol with support for vastly more addresses. However, many ISPs and home networking equipment have either no support for IPv6, or have it disabled by default.

Since most website’s goal is to be accessible by as many people as possible, most websites that support IPv6 are also still accessible via IPv4. Due to this dual-stack approach, many people may not realize that there are portions of the Internet that are invisible to them, and therefore why I created 🐟🌮 – also, it was a fun excuse to use emoji URLs 😀.

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