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Silverlight Progress Bar

Jason / October 13, 2008

Silverlight 2 provides an attractive platform for creating Rich Internet Applications, however when first getting started both the oddities of the layout model and the strange absence of certain controls and class and be puzzling.

One such puzzling absence from the Silverlight tool chest is a progress bar control. WPF has a progress bar, WinForms has a progress bar, but not Silverlight. Fortunately implementing one is not that hard and provided a great introduction to Silverlight’s layout model.

Silverlight and layers

Unlike ASP.NET, and many other forms technologies, Silverlight uses a multiple layer positioning system. The Canvas control is especially useful for allowing multiple controls to be layered.

Take for example this simple block of XAML:

<Canvas x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="WhiteSmoke"> <Rectangle Width="60" Height="60" Fill="Green" /> <Rectangle Width="60" Height="60" Fill="Gray" /> <Rectangle Width="60" Height="60" Fill="LightBlue" /> </Canvas> read more